School History

1854-Old Fifth Ward School opened, which would later become Audubon School.

1856-Meeting was held in which the Committee of Schools recommended the opening of Primary, Secondary and Grammar Schools in the 3rd and 5th ward school buildings. A limit of 50 pupils per teacher was set in 5th ward school.

1864-A petition to open a school for colored children was presented. A tornado blew the roof off of the 5th ward school building and it cost the district $2,500 to replace.

1868-Primary department of fifth ward school was so crowded that they had to divide it into 2 shifts, one in the a.m. and one in the p.m. Mayor requested that schools be closed for 2 weeks because of the prevalence of smallpox. Request was denied.

1871-Due to overcrowdedness, a one story addition was built at a cost of $565.00.

1873-A petition requesting a school in the fifth ward north of 23rd st. was filed.

1875-Teaching of German in the Ward Schools was introduced as well as the granting of a 15 minute recess during the a.m. and p.m. sessions.

1884-Plans for a school house in the fifth ward were approved. This building was named the Eagle Point School and opened for classes on Feb. 4.

1889-Eagle Point School was named Audubon School.

1890-Petition to the Board to erect flag staffs on the various school buildings and fly the American flag on the days that school was in session.

1893-11,656 children in the district, average daily attendence was 3,542.

1897-Charles G. Kretschmen, Principal of Audubon School died and B.J. Horchem was approved temporary Principal.

1907-Petition filed to change the name of Audubon School to the Charles G. Kretschmen School, was denied.

1912-Audubon Alumni Association formed

1915-Social Center was opened at Audubon School to be held 2 nights a week during the winter months.

1922-The district ruled that married women could not teach.

1943-All of the school openings were delayed for one month because of a polio epidemic.

1949-The opening of school was delayed one week because of an outbreak of poliomyelitis and a shortage of coal due to the mining strike.

1950-Contracts were set for laying the first all weather courts in the Audubon, Bryant and Prescott School playgrounds. They were constructed of asphalt over a crushed rock base.

1953-3rd and 4th graders, with parents’ permission, were released from school one hour a week to attend religious instruction.

1954-Classroom opened at Audubon School for the teaching of mentally handicapped children on a half- day basis.

1956-On December 10th a resolution to change the district’s name from Independent School District of Dubuque to the Dubuque Community School District was passed.

1973-School board accepted a $21,900 bid from Tschiggfrie Excavating Co. of Dubuque to demolish the old Audubon School, 535 Lincoln. Ave, by October 15. Construction completed September 10, 1973.

1977-Audubon Alumni Association met to discuss women’s suffrage, with remarks both opposed to and in favor of votes for women.

2002-Up until the summer of 2002, Audubon School did not have permanent walls in between the classrooms, windows or doors.