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Audubon Elementary photo

Audubon students have powerful potential.

Our goal is to develop and challenge each child’s personal, social and academic potential, helping them become a productive citizen in society. In fact, it’s part of our pledge: I pledge to be trustworthy, respectful and responsible. I pledge to be fair, caring and a good citizen. I pledge to make the world a better place.



Audubon School has again been the beneficiary of a Dubuque Racing Association Grant. Audubon was granted $2,000 to go towards doc cameras in classrooms. This past year has required teachers, students and families rely more on virtual learning. These doc cameras will make this experience more engaging.

Know that every aspect of Audubon School has been augmented by the Dubuque Racing Association’s support over the past several decades. We have received tens of thousands of dollars through their generosity. If you work for any of the establishments that are part of the DRA, Thank you! If you visit any DRA businesses, please thank them on our behalf.